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HANMI Semiconductor donated for 'Taiwan Fund for Children and Family' in Taiwan
2022-10-20 632

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HANMI Semiconductor donated for 'Taiwan Fund for Children and Family' in Taiwan

The foundation of the Taiwan Children and Family Support Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the Family Support Foundation) been engaged in child welfare services in Taiwan for 72 years. At present, 24 family support centers, 1 Datong Nursery Home, and 7 overseas family support centers have been established all over the country. The service objects are mostly those who have suffered family accidents and financial difficulties. At present, more than 250,000 children have been helped to grow up and become independent, and the purpose of helping 26,975 poor families and 59,697 children to live a stable life is indeed affirmed and supported.

HANMI Semiconductor Co.,Ltd. was established in 1980 and is headquartered in Incheon, South Korea. It is one of the world’s leading semiconductor equipment manufacturers. Since 2015, it has established a subsidiary in Taiwan and continues to provide equipment and maintenance for the entire Taiwan service, and train a number of specialized personnel to provide professional and prompt services. While deeply cultivating professionalism, we devote ourselves to public welfare. Adhering to the concept of local care, we see the difficulties of disadvantaged families and realize The core value is to develop sustainable corporate social responsibility, and donate NT$ 300,000(USD 9,338) as a “college student aid program”, hoping to expand its influence on the society through the power of the enterprise, so that more members of the public can support the caring student aid program, to prevent poor families from being unable to cope with the impact of the epidemic and unable to continue their studies, hoping to help disadvantaged children to continue their studies and live in peace.

Zhou Dayao, CEO of the Jiafu Foundation, said that the new crown epidemic has affected all walks of life. In addition to the weakening of the economy, the donations of the Jiafu Foundation have also dropped significantly. According to the statistics of the Jiafu Foundation, compared with the same period last year, donations have decreased by 20% so far this year. Thanks to HANMI Semiconductor Co., Ltd. for its love action, and together with the Family Support Foundation, it helps disadvantaged families to tide over the difficulties. Every love is as precious to the recipient families as helping them in the snow, helping disadvantaged children to live and study with peace of mind.

Wu Rongzhu (Oh Youngju), chairman of HANMI Semiconductor Taiwan, said that this donation is the long-term ambition of HANMI Semiconductor Taiwan, aiming to provide some help to those in need in Taiwan society., in the long run in the future, we can achieve more in-depth social participation and do our best for corporate social responsibility.