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HANMI Semiconductor donated for 'Children Are Us Foundation' in Taiwan
2022-10-20 1004

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HANMI Semiconductor donated for 'Children Are Us Foundation' in Taiwan

Since its establishment 27 years ago, the Xihaner Foundation has established a professional team of shelter, support employment and career counseling. Every year, more than 1,000 Haner receive complete services at nearly 100 service locations across Taiwan. Training, and through the establishment of sheltered workshops, environmental optimization, course training, job redesign, etc., all-round guidance for Haner to have the ability to be certified by the state. So far, Haner has obtained 114 Class C licenses, serving in baking and retail stores. The professional field has been continuously improved, and the employment abroad has become more powerful, showing Haner’s social value that is different from the past.

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Founded in 1980, HANMI Semiconductor is headquartered in Incheon, South Korea. It is one of the world’s leading semiconductor equipment manufacturers. Since 2015, it has established a subsidiary in Taiwan and continues to provide semiconductor manufacturers with the best equipment. Provide the best manufacturing equipment and maintenance for the whole Taiwan service, and train a number of professional personnel to provide professional and prompt services. While deeply cultivating professionalism, they devote themselves to public welfare. Adhering to the concept of local care, they donated NT$ 300,000(USD 9,338) to support Xi The “Work Training Program” of the Haner Foundation creates a friendly working environment for learning skills and accompanying Haners to move forward and thrive in.

Wu Rongzhu (Oh Youngju), chairman of HANMI Semiconductor Taiwan, said, “This donation is the long-term ambition of HANMI Semiconductor Taiwan, aiming to provide some help to those in need in Taiwan society. In the long run, we can achieve deeper social participation and contribute to corporate social responsibility.”

Yan Hongji, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Taozhu District of Xihaner Foundation, said, “Xihaner Foundation provides employment services for nearly 90,000 people every year, including job matching, suitability training, suitable employment placement and counseling according to individual needs and abilities. Thanks to HANMI Semiconductor’s support, we can make good use of every key resource, so that Haner’s learning results can exert the greatest influence in every life position.”