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100% recycling industrial water, clean tech investment… ESG Management of HANMI Semiconductor
2022-04-13 1174

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100% recycling industrial water, clean tech investment… ESG Management of HANMI Semiconductor

HANMI Semiconductor is considered as the leading company in ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance). HANMI joined the UNGC (United Nations Global Compact) in November last year and is working on sustainable management activities pursued by the United Nations. They explain that they are joining the global guidelines for corporate social responsibility by complying with the ten principles of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption.

HANMI Semiconductor is strictly managed by minimizing the handling of dangerous substances in accordance with the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards, and is preventing environmental industrial accidents through MSDS (material safety data sheet). "Since our foundation in 1980, we have been thoroughly complying with safety management matters for more than 40 years to prevent disasters and accidents," explained HANMI Semiconductor.

They are also ahead of eco-friendly management. 100% of industrial water up to 250 tons per day is recycled through water purification facilities. Introduced eco-friendly electric vehicles as Business vehicles to minimizing carbon and toxic substances. Energy efficiency has improved by replacing electric lights in all factories with LED (light emitting diodes), and harmful gases in indoor workplaces are also managed through air circulation systems. HANMI Semiconductor is investing about 30% of its total R&D expenses to clean tech (green technology that reduces resource consumption and inhibits pollutant generation).

Establishing sound governance is also one of their goals. HANMI explains that they strictly follow the board's operation regulations and ethical guidelines. They are also paying attention to social contribution activities. In order to be with the local community, they deliver scholarships and donations to Juan Elementary School in Incheon, National Angel Soup Kitchen, Save the Children, Good Neighbors, Holt Children's Services, The Korea Heart Foundation, and Medecins Sans Frontieres, etc.

Various activities are also underway to increase the satisfaction of executives and employees of their own and of contractors. HANMI's workshop is equipped with assembly line workbay and logistics automation robots. This move is aimed at reducing the movement of workers so that they can focus on core tasks. They also installed AED (automatic cardiac arresters) throughout the company. Relations with its partners are also great. It operates a campaign not to receive holiday gifts, and a fair trade system for ethical management, as well as cash payments for purchases.

HANMI Semiconductor is also making efforts to maintain excellent semiconductor quality. They have obtained ISO9001 certification for the quality management system and are promoting ISO45001 certification for safety and health. They also hold CE certification, an integrated standard certification that means they have met all of the requirements related to safety, health, environment and consumer protection of the EU Council. A company official explained, "We are continuously improving quality and implementing innovative activities to provide the latest technologies and high-quality semiconductor equipment to meet various demands of customers."

They continue to participate overseas semiconductor exhibitions to solidify its status as a leading company in the global semiconductor equipment industry. Every year, HANMI participates as an official sponsor of global semiconductor exhibitions such as ‘Semicon China’ and ‘Semicon Taiwan’ to carry out active promotional activities.