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HANMI Semiconductor ‘micro SAW’ won the IR52 Jang Young-shil Award
2022-04-12 568

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HANMI Semiconductor ‘micro SAW’ won the IR52 Jang Young-shil Award

HANMI Semiconductor announced on the 12th that their micro SAW, an essentialprocess equipment for semiconductor packaging, has won the ‘IR52 Jang Young-shilAward’ hosted by the Republic of Korea Ministry of Science and ICT.

The award-winning micro SAW is an equipment that saws semiconductor packages,and HANMI Semiconductor has succeeded in localization for the first time, freed fromthe influence of foreign competitors who were leading the global market in the

DS Kwak, CEO & vice chairman of HANMI said that " Since successful localization ofmicro SAW in June last year, we’ve launched a total of four models of micro SAWequipment to the market until last March and currently we are preparing to releaseadditional models in the second half of this year. Due to the localization of micro SAW,it is possible to reduce costs by more than 100 billion won ($80 million) per year interms of import substitution, resolve uncertainty in supply and demand, and deliverequipment quickly.

He continued, “In addition, based on the evaluation that productivity, convenience ofoperation, and reliability are ahead of competitors, it is contributing greatly toincreasing sales and improving profitability by further expanding its grip on the globalmarket".

HANMI Semiconductor launched their first ‘dual-chuck micro SAW (micro SAW P2101)’equipment in June last year and released its second for jumbo PCBs ‘20-inch microSAW for flip chip BGA(micro SAW P1201)’ in October. Then introduced the third model,‘12-inch micro SAW (micro SAW P1121)’ in December and ‘Tape micro SAW (microSAW T2101)’ equipment exclusively for automotive semiconductors last month.

Meanwhile, IR52 Jang Young-shil Award’s IR stands for ‘Industrial Research’ whichmeans discovering corporate research results. 52 means 52 weeks per year, namelyawarding one item every week. It is an award to honor and encourage engineers byselecting and awarding excellent new technology products and organizations withexcellent technology innovation performance developed by companies andtechnology research institutes.