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HANMI Semiconductor launches ‘Tape micro SAW for automotive semiconductor
2022-03-17 943

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HANMI Semiconductor launches ‘Tape micro SAW for automotive semiconductor

HANMI Semiconductor announced on the 17th that they launched tape micro SAW (micro SAW T2101), an essential process equipment for automotive semiconductor package and started supplying it to global semiconductor company.

HANMI Semiconductor has launched its first ‘Dual chuck micro SAW (micro SAW P2101)’ in June last year and delivered the ‘20-inch micro SAW for jumbo PCB (micro SAW P1201)’ for the second in October. It then released its third model ‘12-inch micro SAW (micro SAW P1121)’ in December, and this tape micro SAW is the fourth model.

DS Kwak, CEO & vice chairman of HANMI Semiconductor, said that "The new tape micro SAW is equipment that attaches semiconductor package to tape and saws it. Including the general semiconductor packages, it is suitable for power packages, sensors that should not be wet, and specialized semiconductor packages for automotive that are large and thick. So we’re planning to put it into global semiconductor factory for automotive”.

He continued, “Demand for new tape micro SAW equipment is expected to increase significantly due to the unprecedented shortage of semiconductor for automotive worldwide".

HANMI Semiconductor improved productivity by more than 40% compare with competitors by applying dual chuck to micro SAW equipment. And greatly strengthened precision and customer convenience based on full automation systems, distinct from competitors' semi-automatic methods. It is expected that they’ll be able to respond to demands for replacement of semiconductor companies that have manual equipment.

Meanwhile, according to the semiconductor market forecast released by the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics(WSTS) in January 2022, global semiconductor sales are expected to reach about 725 trillion won ($601.5 billion) this year and increased 8.8% from last year. HANMI Semiconductor accounts for about 90% of its total sales of system semiconductors.