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HANMI Semiconductor released ‘TC BONDER’ after 6 years and supply to a global company.
2021-12-24 695

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HANMI Semiconductor released ‘TC BONDER’ after 6 years and supply to a global company.

[edaily reporter Kang Kyung-rae] HANMI Semiconductor(042700) announced on the 23rd that they released TC BONDER 2.0CS for the first time in 6 years and supplied to global semiconductor companies. The TC BONBER is a device that attaches semiconductor chip to the substrate through thermos compression and is essential to the 3D semiconductor advanced package for TSV (Through Silicon Via).

Kim Min-hyun, president of Hanmi Semiconductor, said, "The TC BONDER for TSV which was released this time, is an essential process equipment for producing HBM(High Bandwidth Memory) semiconductors that are applied to advanced packages such as Chiplet and Multi-Chip to overcome the micro-process limitations in semiconductor production."

He added, “We have entered overseas markets with high productivity and precision along with the size of small equipment in the market led by European and Japanese semiconductor equipment companies by integrating 40 years of HANMI’s know-how and technology.” And “With the recent launch of Intel's new CPU for servers in the U.S., demand for TC BONDER for TSV will increase as the fourth industrial market such as, metabus, AI(Artificial Intelligence), electric vehicles, and autonomous driving grows.”

Founded in 1980, HANMI Semiconductor won the Tower of Exporting $200 million at the 58th Trade Day ceremony held earlier this month. HANMI semiconductor has a variety of semiconductor equipment lineups such as ‘micro SAW & VISION PLACEMENT(MSVP)’ and ‘EMI SHIELD’, which are the world's No. 1 equipment in market share, and ‘TC Bonder’ for TSV, ‘Flip Chip Bonder’ and ‘Strip Grinder.’

Meanwhile, according to WSTS, world semiconductor trade statistics, the global semiconductor market is expected to increase 8.8% from $553 billion (about 658 trillion won) this year to $601.5 billion (about 716 trillion won) next year.