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HANMI Semiconductor's third-quarter best performance against Corona...The secret is
2020-10-19 296

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Sales reached 77.9 billion won in the third-quarter, operating profit of 24.9 billion won, and profit ratio of 32 percent
Quarterly maximum sales, operating profit. Profitability Semiconductor Equipment 'Best'
Unexpected performance record despite shrinking semiconductor investment due to the influence of Corona effect
"From the previous Vision Placement to EMI Shield Equipment, we're number one."

Despite 'Corona 19 Pandemics', HANMI Semiconductor achieved its best performance in the third-quarter of this year. This seems to be due to strong sales of 'Vision Placement' and its new business 'EMI Shield'.

HANMI Semiconductor's third-quarter earnings this year were 77.9 billion won, up 100.6 percent from a year earlier. Operating profit was 24.9 billion won, up 201.9 percent.

Sales and operating profit in the third-quarter of this year are the highest ever. And the profit margin is close to 32%. This is a rare case in the manufacturing industry. This year's cumulative sales and operating profit reached $179.4 billion and $52.4 billion. Compared to the previous year, the figure was up 201.9 percent and 667.0 percent.

Kwak Dong-shin, vice chairman of HANMI Semiconductor, said, "The proportion of sales in overseas markets is high and exports account for more than 77 percent of sales. And the active application of the EMI shield process has increased demand for related equipment."

Global IT companies started applying EMI shield process in 2016. HANMI Semiconductor released EMI Shield Equipment in 2016, achieving 36.4 billion won in sales.

In the second-quarter of this year, HANMI Semiconductor ranked first in global market share in EMI Shield Equipment. In order to respond to increasing demands for EMI shield equipment, it recently built 'N K Kwak Hall' at its new plant.

Vice Chairman Kwak Dong-shin said, "Demands for 5G semiconductors are expanding globally. The increase in performance of HANMI Semiconductor will continue until the fourth-quarter of this year and next year."

According to SEMI's 'Global Semiconductor Fab Investment Trend', it is predicted that semiconductor equipment market will be $70 billion next year, which will be the largest ever. As a result, HANMI Semiconductor is expecting to win orders for various semiconductor equipment such as EMI Shield Equipment and Flip Chip Bonder along with Vision Placement.