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The completion of 4th factory
2019-10-28 303 <-link to related articles

Hanmi Semiconductor announced on the 28th that it has completed 4 plants in the Juan National Industrial Complex of Seo-gu, Incheon.

Hanmi Semiconductor 4 Plant, which was completed this time, was built as a four-story building on a site of about 2,800 pyeong. Together with the three factories, it has a total production line of 12,300 pyeong.

Kwak Dong-shin, vice chairman of Hanmi Semiconductor, said, “Recently, the global semiconductor market is recovering cautiously after bottoming out. As long-term growth is expected based on the fourth industrial revolution, such as 5G, AI and data centers, we have made efforts to have a step ahead of the changing market trends and customer needs. ”

In addition, “Hanmi Semiconductor owns all the processes necessary for the production of semiconductor equipment including expansion, processing, assembly and testing of high-tech equipment for high precision processing to meet the demanding needs and needs of global semiconductor customers. We are delivering customer satisfaction that is significantly different from our competitors who rely solely on the production of outsourcing companies.

Founded in 1980, Hanmi Semiconductor supplies semiconductor equipment to more than 300 customers around the world and is participating as an official sponsor of Semicon China and Semicon Taiwan.